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UPS Battery Cycle Monitor

BCM 2200-NM

The Battery Cycle Monitor Plus (BCM 2200-NM) continuously monitors the most critical performance characteristics of the battery system: string voltage, battery current, ambient temperature, quantity and duration of discharges.

The BCM 2200-NM offers simplified user interfaces with Windows XP® compatible software. It tracks the activity of the battery and provides effective battery life maintenance tool by identifying damaging events.

Features and Benefits

The BCM Plus keeps an electronic log of critical battery events.

  • Memory: Valuable data on critical events is permanently kept in nonvolatile electronic memory in the BCM 2200-NM.
  • Discharges: BCM 2200-NM records each discharge event, keeps a count of the total number of discharges and groups the discharges by duration.
  • Voltage Excursions (Float Events): BCM 2200-NM monitors the total battery system voltage at the battery terminals and records all excursions outside the proper float voltage range.
  • Temperature: Extreme temperature deviations can adversely affect the life expectancy of the battery string. BCM 2200-NM continuously monitors the ambient temperature and alerts the user if the range is exceeded.


Cellguard System
Battery Monitoring Solution

24 / 7 / 365 surveillance of key battery performance parameters
These parameters are tracked, displayed and communicated to provide visibility to any potential change in the performance characteristics and expectations of each battery within the critical power system.

Features and Benefits

Without the proper surveillance of mission critical system status, there is a risk of catastrophic loss for healthcare organizations, financial institutions or any key service providers.

  • Advanced notification of potential battery problems
  • Wireless communication architecture ensures optimal cost of ownership
  • Managed Services – Programs available for in-depth analysis and consultation for your battery monitoring system
  • Comprehensive battery system diagnostics
    • Mono-Block, cell and jar level measurements
    • String level measurements


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